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Yanlord Qianhai Dream Park Sales Center : COMING SOON NUM 66

Source: Courtesy of MYP Design
Yanlord Qianhai Dream Park Sales Center

MYP Design has just unveiled their design project: Yanlord Qianhai Dream Park Sales Center, a 600 sqm space public space in Shenzhen. The design language creates an uncomplicated and warm space that feels like "home" instead of the common  ->

An upgraded travel experience
Sanyea Sjór Seaside Resort, Shenzhen

Sanyea Sjór was designed and completed by Shenzhen-based Fusion Design Office. This is a 1,800-square-meter seaside resort, with an excellent view of the sea and the most beautiful sunrise and soft beach.

Principal Designer: Josh Wen, Suki Li
Senior Designer: Xi Zhao, Alvis Yao, Willem Xiang
Design Assistant: Holly Huang, Billy Li, Pengshan Tang, Jojo Wang
FF&E Design: Aurora Wang, Mayra Hu, Hui Miao

Design: Daxing Jizi Design
Dream Glow Pavilion                                  

The Universiade Center is about 990 meters wide from east to west and 1050 meters long from north to south, covering an area of 520,000 sqm, serving as a major place for fitness and leisure for the surrounding residents. During our research, we found that there are few small-scale structures for the public to relax, so how to incorporate a small enjoyable space into the massive center became our initial intention of the design.

Size: 270 m2
Location: Shenzhen Universiade Center
Chief designer: ZENG Zhenwei
Design Team: ZENG Zhenwei, XIE Muxi
Structural designer: LIN Chaowei, FANG Feihu

Designed by  Qiu Deguang
Suzhou Yanlord "Inner temple"

"I hope that the house I have built will allow the residents to see miracles." Although the power generated by humanities and inner thoughts can never be ignored by the times,. Qiu Deguang hopes to clarify a new design possibility through two axes, one horizontal and one vertical, to coordinate the relationship between different spaces and externally perceive..

Design Management: Yuan Xin, Zhu Xiaodong
Design Team: Liu Jialin, Chen Huijun, Liao Peijing, Zheng Qingwen, Luo Yinghua, Lin Peiling, Lu Yuwen, Yao Daoyuan, Jiang Juru, Jian Shini, Li Yanyi


中国广东 (518000)
3B02, 3rd Floor, Arts Center, Zhanyi Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (518000)


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