北京 BEIJING: Kerry Hsun


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The Ultimate Nostalgia
Tai’an’s Ceremony Hall: The Hometown Moon

Preface: The Possibilities of a New Hometown
An assortment of colorful banners welcomes passengers at the high-speed train station in Tai’an, China. The headlines perched above the Jiunv Crest (Nine Women’s Peak) showcase a Hometown Moon or a Hometown Cloud, inviting people to walk on the moon or wander around the cloud. The intriguing wording is part of a creative campaign inviting travelers to visit attractions lying beyond the main scenic area of Mount Tai. The strategy looks to breathe new life into Nine Women’s Peak, a branch of the famous mount that gives its name to the city of Tai’an.

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Taste Jiangnan Restaurant

A unique mise en scène that evokes the South China Delicacy
Simmering means making delicacies with small firepower in a slow way to stimulate beautiful experience from food, and tasting means enjoying delicacies from good simmering practice. They mutually have a relationship of cause and effect. Taste Jiangnan (Southern China) not only is about the meaning of words, but also contains the life style, life pace and food culture in Jiangnan. The Chinese restaurant "Taste Jiangnan" was named for this reason.

Taste Jiangnan is located on the 50th floor of Nanjing Golden Eagle Hotel, so that guests can overlook Nanjing at this quiet but commanding environment here. Based on the water town scenery in Jiangnan, Designer Liu Daohua realized a cross-dimensional dialogue between traditional Jiangnan and modern aesthetics by transforming traditional architecture, rural settlements and Huaiyang cuisine into his design language, to pay tribute to the graceful water towns as described in the poem sentence "The ladies selling wine in restaurants are very beautiful in Jiangnan. Their arms are as white as snow when they lift their sleeves".
Liu Daohua is famous for his design of restaurants, cafes and the like. He is good at transforming natural life and cultural characteristics into elements in the space, combining practicability and artistic expression, and using architectural techniques to reshape the originally single space and explore the purest diet and life.

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Honor Maison 
Wang Rui’s Latest Private House Project

A Love Letter
“They know that this century is crazy, inhuman, and corrupt, but still, they remain disciplined, gentle, and immaculate.”
Love Letter to Jean-Paul Sartre. Sagan.
"These words are dedicated to the lady of this house. She is disciplined, gentle, and firmly decisive."
Wang Rui

They say that architecture is like an open book that portrays the aspirations of a city. In terms of space, it is more like an eloquent prose poem that evokes the ultimate longing for a state of life. 

The Poetry of Life
To create a sense of ritual in life, we must achieve a brilliant interpretation of every little detail.
In this project, the design parts away from the traditional entryway concept to make the most of an open counter layout. The creativity of the chief designer Wang Rui delivers a ritualistic sense of homecoming that celebrates life to the fullest.
How to describe such a unique sense of ritual? In this case, the designer works as a modern poet, taking inspiration from "One Night in Florence", a poem written by Xu Zhimo. The artist is a courageous soul that touches the essence of life by maintaining a disposition towards passion and wonder. His work is a bridge between human emotion and the material world, focusing on the elegant beauty of everyday life.

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Polaroid Pop-Upstore

Located within the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li shopping complex in Chengdu, this vibrant Polaroid pop-up store – designed by inkmason and commissioned by LoOneCommune (Polaroid’s exclusive agent in China) – is the product of a combination of extensive research on brand positioning, site context and consumer experience. “May every visitor to this pop-up store discover a suitable camera for recording their own stories with distinctive aesthetics. " — LoOneCommune

Breaking Spatial Restrictions

To break out of the restrictive compactness of the site, the display windows which face two different directions were mobilized to create an extroverted, inviting space that creates an appearance of a distinctive large-scale "installation" when seen from the street. Using colors as a paint brush, the design team at inkmason delineated this compact space of 24 sqm into an assortment of playful configurations. The colors of the spectrum, conceptualised as building elements, are treated as toy blocks and are utilised as three-dimensional components in this pop-up store. Through combining them in a flexible and imaginative manner, the intangible quality of colors become concretized in the space, moving from the plane of flat surfaces to the realm of three dimensions. At the same time, the perception of color creates a richly layered space – conjuring a spatial experience that triggers an emotional response of joie de vivre.

Inkmason + Kin Lam

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