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Yanlord Qianhai Dream Park Sales Center. Ma Yiping Project

Homecoming, daily life, quality, authenticity, art

MYP Design has just unveiled their design project: Yanlord Qianhai Dream Park Sales Center, a 600 sqm space public space in Shenzhen. The design language creates an uncomplicated and warm space that feels like "home" instead of the common commercial project. Besides, the design integrated functionality and aesthetics, creating a complete and harmonious spatial experience.

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Designed by Huang Zhiyong - CAALADI
Stone Houses of Nanchawan Village

Today, architects in China are tasked with finding feasible solutions for the problems posed by building projects in the countryside: how can rural culture be appropriately revitalized? How can rural renewal go beyond fallback commercial models, yet retain the unique texture of the countryside?

The Nanchawan Stone Houses project is located in a small mountain village in Hubei Province, adjacent to the famous Three Gorges area along the Yangtze River. The local landscape is dotted with small mountain villages, offering an abundance of cultural and natural beauty. The first phase of the Nanchawan Stone Houses project was completed in 2020, during which time the architects had already planned the second phase in establishing the masterplan for this village of stone houses.

Photography: Chill Shine

Designed by Dean Design
CITY GATHER, Changsha                                    

Offering a multiplicity of vistas and activities, the design suggests a new kind of relationship with nature for those experiencing these outdoor spaces, ultimately presenting an opportunity for relaxation and self-reflection in the city.

With the acceleration of urbanization and continued advancement of high-tech lifestyles, the importance of urban parks and landscapes have been given new meaning. One aspect of this transformation has been the necessity to re-think the relationship and integration between people and nature.

Image copyright: JSPA Design

Designed by Johan Sarvan, Florent Buis
Dongcheng Courtyard House. Beijing

Concrete as a single material creates an interesting scenery of light and shadows.

Located in Dongcheng district in the ancient city of Beijing, the project consisted in the construction of a private courtyard house including the refurbishment of an existing Ming's dynasty building along the street.
In the design process, it was important to give a clear reading of the old and the new while connecting both in a coherent architecture. The brick fence wall surrounding the plot and the old building's structure was kept untouched and two parallel buildings were added to create succession of three courtyards.

Designed by Linkchance Architects
M11 Huayang Restaurant

Located in Phase II of Qingguo Lane, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Meet 11 is a place to eat, meet friends, and pass the time in a refined, contemporary interior.

An Architectural Dialogue:
Only three meters away from the west side of the site is a two-storey detached building, the interior of which is a traditional Changzhou private dining space, and is managed by the elders of the owner of Meet 11 restaurant. The two restaurants, one Chinese and one Western, coexist in one lane, bringing old and young generations – with their contrasting styles and concepts of interior space, an unspoken aesthetic dialogue takes place between them.

Designed by Daxing Jizi Design
Dream Glow Pavilion

With the curatorial theme of “Searching the Glow of Future”, Glow Shenzhen 2021 seeks to integrate light art into urban life and release the vitality of urban public space. Daxing Jizi is invited to exhibit their architectural installation, “Dream Glow Pavilion”, at the Shenzhen Universiade Center, Glow Shenzhen’s Longgang section.

The Universiade Center is about 990 meters wide from east to west and 1050 meters long from north to south, covering an area of 520,000 sqm, serving as a major place for fitness and leisure for the surrounding residents. During our research, we found that there are few small-scale structures for the public to relax, so how to incorporate a small enjoyable space into the massive center became our initial intention of the design.

Designed by JSPA Design
The Oatmeal Factory. Shanxi - Ningwu

Located in Ningwu, Shanxi province, the project consisted in the creation of an Oatmeal factory, transforming raw oat into flour products. The production process, mostly automated, needed two different production lines with high volume machinery and spaces open to the public with shop, café and office spaces.

The surroundings of the project offered very low quality with newly constructed industrial buildings, dry landscape and coal mines and it seemed interesting to develop the factory as an introverted building that would recreate its own natural environment. Besides satisfying all functional requirements, we thought the project as a building that stimulates human senses, that would propose a surprising experience to the visitor.


中国广东 (518000)
3B02, 3rd Floor, Arts Center, Zhanyi Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen,
Guangdong, China (518000)



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