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Yanlord Qianhai Dream Park Sales Center

MYP Design has just unveiled their design project: Yanlord Qianhai Dream Park Sales Center, a 600 sqm space public space in Shenzhen. The design language creates an uncomplicated and warm space that feels like "home" instead of the common commercial project. Besides, the design integrated functionality and aesthetics, creating a complete and harmonious spatial experience.

The Qianhai Dream Park Sales Center lies at the core of Shenzhen's industrial and service areas, a key district at the junction of the Greater Pearl River Delta that incorporates Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. Its strategic location in Xinqiao Street offers fluent roads extending in all directions, facing Shajing East Ring Road to the East, Shangnan Road to the South, Liaosheng Road to the North, and a metro station within a one-kilometer radius. On top of that, the Phoenix Mountain Forest Park, situated two kilometers East, provides a charming natural environment.

Mr. Ma Yiping, the founder of MYP Design, served as the project's lead designer. His design language fully integrates building structures, natural landscapes, and interior design, carefully managing spatial elements to convey a spiritual atmosphere of unparalleled freedom.

“From Kyoto to Shenzhen

Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics, is a city that portrays the aesthetic consciousness of an era. Standing at the gate of the Kennin-ji temple, the hands of a watch no longer move with mechanical precision. Instead, they rotate rather slowly. Does modern-day Shenzhen preserve its cultural aesthetics to the same degree as Kyoto?


Like the allure of the Ping An Bank by the window, Shenzhen's aesthetics remain elegant, clean, and gracious within a one-of-a-kind architectural style. The accomplished design of the city entails aesthetic considerations that portray the research, exploration, and commitment to Chinese culture behind the development of every project. Inside, the correct use of light and hue is essential. The color palette is immaculate. Flowers on the coffee table, a painting on the wall, a sculpture, a chair, everything becomes part of a graceful landscape. Like Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, a classic scroll painting more than ten meters long, the project slowly unfolds before life to admire, influence, and wander through aesthetics.”

-- Ma Yiping

Chief Designer

Ma Yiping

Founder and creative director of MYP Design
Mr. Ma Yiping

Mr. Ma Yiping, design is the hero that always saves the day. Through design, he explores the rhythm of life, the pursuit of aspirations, decision-making after careful thought, and even softest and lightest touch. Overall, he advocates the will to persevere and push forward. In his own words, design should not exist for the sake of it; but to follow a poetic stance that confronts the mediocrity and crudeness of life.


Since its establishment over a decade ago, the design firm has created a cornucopia of indoor design solutions for well-known real estate companies such as Shimao Property, Yanlord Land Group, Zhongzhou Real Estate,Shenzhen SDG Investment Development, among others.


MYP Design has broken through typical obstacles in the industry such as unreliable service and challenges of implementation while developing an excellent balance between cost and efficiency.

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