Xirui Chunqiu: Private Residential Project, Beijing

Wang Rui's Latest Residential Design: In the light, looking toward the bright skies

Uncomplicated and undeniable aesthetics have no use for intricate styles and elaborate elements.

Vladimir Horowitz, one of the greatest pianists of all time, once said: "It took me a lifetime of hard work to realize that simplicity is the greatest virtue of all." Lucid yet thoughtful playing, emotional and stylish, conferred grace and charm, peace and intensity, to his fingertips.

Similarly, Wang Rui, the designer, has an artistic eye for detail. She truly believes that "less is more." Her design language removes complex elements, advocates simple concepts, and focuses on the fairest qualities. She creates spaces that accommodate, accept, and cultivate what matters most: to enjoy life.

Inner Peace

Peace of mind and tranquility are the essence of an ideal life.

People say that the mood of a "home" reflects the character of its owner. In this case, the design language brings peace and well-being to the residents. Despite being right next to the hustle and bustle of the city, this home grants peace of mind to its occupants.

The owner and his wife are tech gurus. They focus on the future, standing firm in the present. Such a visionary frame of mind better understands the meaning of quality of life.

The design of the kitchen in the living-dining room avoids luxury color schemes. Instead, Wang Rui makes the most of inclusive tones like gray, white, and wood to provide the space with comfortable functionality and unaffected artistry. Her design creates an atmosphere of well-being that allows the family to explore a life of joy.

Flowing Emotions

For the couple, freedom, social interaction, and privacy are the most valued features of the design. With this in mind, the design language of the first and the second underground floors fosters communication between family members and get-togethers with close friends.

The designer integrated the first and second underground floors into one single composition. The scale and artistry of this vast space, broken and reassembled, reconfigure the two-story area into a coherent and unified shape, vertically and horizontally, merging exteriors with interiors, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

It is remarkable how the space lets the light in, from top to bottom, reaching every corner, creating delicate patterns of white and gray tones in the background. The dreamy composition is, in fact, extremely functional.

Natural sunlight converges toward the lower levels of the project. It energizes every corner of the interior, like a source of life. In the light, we look toward the sun and feel its warmth.

According to Le Corbusier, light is an integral part of architectural design. It creates an unexpected vision. Similarly, Wang Rui believes that light is a stream of pure emotion. It rebuilds our perception of the world. The vast space acts as a vertical channel of communication that grants deeper connotations to the project.

The vastness of space is a carrier that allows the interaction between light and shadow. It creates an atmosphere of emotional bonding, the gathering point of a home. Social interaction takes place embraced by architectural constructs, crafting beautiful memories. Here, the surrounding environment and human emotion blend into a creative lifestyle.

In this space, close friends and a pot of warm tea are all you need to enjoy life. Carefree, one’s eyes wander along architectural lines. The designer craftily conceived every line with function and emotion, granting them organic freedom. Like Gaudi once said: "The straight line belongs to man. The curved line belongs to God." Curved and straight lines, and soft and solid finishes, interpret the relationship between people and nature from different angles.

On a closer look, the lamplight illumination is like a clear morning shining over pure and uncomplicated materials, full of gentle and charming beauty. The bond between the lines and the lights, the real and the virtual, creates another possibility of integration, presenting a unique virtual environment. Like a beam of light suddenly shining over your shoulder, such a thing can make people happy.

The living room features straightforward black, white, and gray tones, an amethyst island table, and clear black cabinets over milky white background walls. In this minimalist space, deep and shallow, high and low elements, integrate into a rich artistic expression, giving rise to a unique spatial design. In other words, the occupants feel relaxed, appreciative, talkative, and in a good mood.

The designer uses vast white spaces as the background to lively artworks that grant a spiritual essence to the project. Art provides a utopic world beyond reality, a romantic and graceful home.

Balance the rhythm of life through design.
Discover life's wonders through innovation.

When design eliminates elaborated styles, it becomes more natural and significant, a tribute to the essence of life. It communicates excitement, artistry, and emotional experiences, like mom's goodnight stories or dad's life lessons. Every element in the design language adds a heartwarming touch and reflects a feeling of growing vitality.

Functional and Artistic Design

The bright and open concept extends to the upper floor. The series of straight and curved lines appear here again, showcasing the functional and artistic design of a charming place that can be called home. The allure of aesthetics brings people together and raises their lifestyles to the highest attainable standards.

The bedroom is the most personal space in the house. The background wall highlights the welcoming and warm atmosphere of the room. The piece manifests pure calm and vitality by mixing natural and artistic elements. Moreover, a touch of amber tones delivers a lively atmosphere appropriate for a cozy home.

The cloakroom offers a refined lifestyle. Powerful straight lines define the room, complemented by a functional area denoted by tones of green that create a feeling of comfort.

Spatial temperament is a quality that springs from within a unique design language. Notice its expressions, feel its message, and embrace them. Altogether, its aesthetics, images, and impressions can free one's heart and gift the ambiance of a pure home.

Project Information: Project Name: Xirui Chunqiu. Project Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. Project Type: Interior Design. Design Firm: Rui Design. Principle Designer: Wang Rui. Project Year: November, 2021. Furnitures: Camrich, Marazzi Grande. Budget: 3 millions RMB. Photo Credit: Huabin Architectural Photography

Wang Rui

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