The latest work of Jean-Pierre HEIM, Paris-New-York-Mykonos-and-Shanghai based architecture design company.

"Y Le YACHT" designed and conceived by Jean-Pierre HEIM together with his partners, Paul BENSABAT and Tony VAMVAKIDI will be the first fully electric commercial vessel of its kind: A floating luxury hotel which will offer to its guests the never previously experienced option of visiting Manhattan both from the water and on the ground, at their leisure, while also being able to experience a gastronomical and thrilling experience of sleeping on the water surrounded by the skyline of one of the most beautiful city in the world.

"Y Le YACHT" último trabajo de Jean-Pierre HEIM, una empresa de diseño de arquitectura con sede en París, Nueva York, Mykonos y Shanghai.
Diseñado y concebido por Jean-Pierre HEIM junto con sus socios Paul BENSABAT y Tony VAMVAKIDI, será el primer barco comercial totalmente eléctrico de su tipo: un hotel flotante de lujo que ofrecerá a sus huéspedes una opción nunca antes experimentada. de visitar Manhattan tanto desde el agua como desde tierra, a su aire, y al mismo tiempo poder vivir la experiencia gastronómica y emocionante de dormir en el agua rodeado del horizonte de una de las ciudades más bellas del mundo.

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Jean-Pierre HEIM

Jean-Pierre HEIM is an international architect and explorer. Between his activities and offices in Paris, New York, Shanghai and Greece, a great traveler and member of the prestigious Explorer's Club in New York, he has travelled much of the world's architectural heritage, always in search of a strong identity, to build local hotels and constructions imbued with local geography, climate and culture.
"Travelling is an Art" is his slogan, he creates his label and draws Archeology and designed lodges in Tibet, Egypt, Arabia, Greece, Cuba, Santo Domingo. He draws boats on the Mekong, the Nile New York and the Middle East ,he has designed yachts Clubs, Shanghai and Beijing, and eco-marinas projects in Greece.

Based on an experience based on the expertise of French luxury, where he worked for several brands of the Colbert Committee in New York. He is now Ambassador of the shopping Center Sasseur based in China and Singapore, for which he designs shopping centers under the signature "Let out your Dream" - New ideology of the Silk Road.